Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sick of Foreign Tech Support

I don't know if this post will label me a racist or what, but I'm going to risk it and post anyway.

The back-story here is this. Back in 2007, I purchased a volume licence count of Adobe CS3 Design Premium for my work. We purchased only the Mac version. When I logged into the licensing website at I was greeted with 5 license keys for Mac and 5 for windows. I called Adobe and asked them about this since I didn't pay for the Windows versions. They told me it didn't matter, they supplied me with windows keys anyway. I asked if I could use those if I purchased the media and they said yes. So, I purchased media.

Fast forward to today.
I'm looking into purchasing the upgrade to Creative Suite to CS5. I called their licensing company and I get a woman who obviously doesn't speak English on a regular basis. I told her exactly what I said above and asked her if the situation still applies. Can I simply purchase 5 licenses and I get both platforms? Her answer was this:

"Yes, sir, that is a valid upgrade path from Adobe CS3 Design Premium to CS5 Design premium. You can do that."

I said, "But ma’am, if I buy just the Mac versions, will I get license keys for the windows version too that I can use? Does that still work?"

Her answer, "Yes, sir, the product is available in both windows and macintosh versions."

I thanked her for her time and told her I had no further questions.

This happens so often nowadays I'm so sick of it. I call Cisco technical support I'm constantly trying to explain to them what I really need help with. They continually get it wrong and give me the wrong answer. I spent two days with an idiot at Barracuda Networks because he completely misunderstood my question and gave me the run around. No matter how hard I try to explain what I need help with, they never get it.

I'm so over tech support. I don't really care if the person is in India, Mexico, or the US, I just care that they understand the damn English Language!