Thursday, June 23, 2016

Fun with Adobe Systems!

I have had one hell of a week with Adobe and their wonderful Adobe ID system.  Now I admit, some of the stuff below is my fault, but not all.  Here's how my last 8 days have gone...

  • I had an old account for many years, we're talking 2004 or so with Adobe. It was under an old e-mail address that I still have access to but I don't use it. From here this is called the Old Account
  • I wanted to rename my E-mail from the Old to the New e-mail address thus changing my Adobe ID. However, through some mis-clicks on my part, I created a second account instead. This will be called the New Account
  • I researched how to delete the New Account and it said I needed to get on Chat and request it to be deleted.
  • I got on chat, and they said that they COULDN'T delete the new account, but what they could do is transfer my old Adobe CS3 purchases from the Old Account to the New Account. The delete the Old Account. I told them go ahead. They confirmed the old account was deleted.
  • The next day, Friday, my browser was still logged into the Old Account when I purchased the Photography Creative Cloud Suite. I pre-paid for the entire year ($128).
  • I immediately realized my mistake that it was under the wrong account that I thought was deleted. So, I got on the chat support with Adobe.
  • I asked if the purchase could be transferred from my Old Account to the New Account. They told me that subscriptions can't be but they can cancel the purchase and I can re-order it. It would take 3-5 days to cancel and 5-7 to receive my refund. I gave authorization and then they told me it had to be "escalated" so they would get back to me and then closed the chat.
  • Within 10 minutes I was a little confused by what happened as to whether or not it was being escalated so I called on the phone.
  • After explaining to the guy everything on the phone he said to me: "Why not delete the New Account and simply rename your Old Account?"  WOW! What a novel idea! That's what I wanted to do in the first place!
  • I asked him what would happen to my purchase, is it still being canceled because in this case it shouldn't be canceled. He confirmed with me that my subscription was NOT in the process of being canceled, that I would be fine.
Side Note here: I have a big website project I'm working on here and I need these programs to do them. I deleted all my versions of Photoshop CS3 so I can't use those anymore. This is important that I have this subscription working.
  • Now come Monday morning. I login to my Old Account (which is now my New Account) and I have no subscription! What?!
  • I got on the chat, what happened? Well, it seems my subscription was canceled per my request. I simply had to re-buy it. Oh, and I'll get my money within 5-7 days. But I couldn't re-buy it because I want to purchase a full year in advance and I don't have an extra $128.
  • So I asked the question: Can I buy one-month and then convert to a year after one month? The answer was "I have escalated this problem and we'll get back to you in 2-5 days." I asked if he could just clarify that and he said the same thing. SHUT DOWN.
  • So, I googled it and saw a help document on how to convert your account to an annual pay so I went ahead and purchased one-month at $10.
  • Today, I noticed I couldn't work in Photoshop. I tried logging into my account and I got "Your account has been disabled, contact customer service."
  • What the heck!!!??
  • So, on chat this morning here is what I found out. It apparently takes 7-10 days to DELETE AN ACCOUNT. So, my Old Account was deleted as per my request 8 days ago!
  • Now, I have an ACTIVE Adobe CC subscription with a DEACTIVATED account so I can't use it.
  • Oh, my problem was escalated and I'll hear back from them in 2-5 days.  Meanwhile, I don't get to work on any of my projects that I am needing to work on.