Saturday, February 28, 2009

Live Fast, Die Hard - The Movie

My wife was invited to go to the Columbus premiere of a indie movie called "Live Fast Die Young" a dude she went to High School with was staring in the film and he was flying out to promote it.

So, last night we went. With a title like "Live Fast, Die Young" I was thinking it was going to be some rated R movie that has a lot of adult situations in it. I wasn't much looking forward to seeing. Boy was I wrong!

At the start before the credits rolled, the director and two of the actors, including Holly's old friend, got up and started to talk about the film. They were praising God and said that without Him this wouldn't have been possible. I was pleasantly surprised, but then I started thinking, Oh no, a Christian film with bad acting in it. (Have you guessed I'm a bit of a pessimist?)

Well, I was proven right for a portion of the film, but overall, I found the acting to be pretty good and the production value to be not so bad either. The message was good, an actor turned Christian was being ostracized by his fellow actors/directors, etc. They are all at a party and someone dies and they are all forced to speak with one another and hash out issues of life and death. It is a pretty good film for a non-catholic religious angle.

They're trying to get the movie in 22 cities. It's playing in Columbus at the Drexel on Main, otherwise, check out the site and find out how to get it in your area.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A teen before he's a teen

My 9-year-old this morning did the unthinkable in my eyes.

He has always been the one who would do the minimum when he did his chores, he would try to skate by, when asked to do more work, he would complain of a headache or being tired. He avoids prayer with the family and he fights with his brothers.

This morning, however, my wife asked him to get a new paper towel roll from the garage because he was the only one with shoes on. He responded with "Why do I have to do everything!" and she told him to just do it. So, he huffed, put his coat on (which was unnecessary) got the roll, and when he came back he threw it at her and said "Here is your stupid paper towels!"

If I had not had 4 hours of sleep and been in bed at the time, I would have probably held him to the wall three feet off the ground and read him the riot act. Instead, Holly disciplined him, but she admitted she didn't go far enough, she wanted to leave it up to me.

He was in his room all day after school, I got home and laid into him. I think I put enough fear of God and me into him that it will be a while before he tries this again. I felt horrible for having yelled at him but I felt I was defending my wife's honor.

But interestingly enough, later that night as I helped him with his homework we were reading the Baltimore Catechism he is learning from. The second was on life everlasting and it said that in order to have life everlasting we must "die to self" and the explanation was to do something you don't want to do to please God and others. i.e. A sacrifice.

I found that the Lord really put this teaching here for a reason I was so amazed. I shared with him ways I sacrifice and ways I fail to die to self. We tried to come up with examples in his own life as well.

At bed time he hugged me and told me good night. It was great.

Friday, February 13, 2009

YOU try to install Exchange!

Well, I'm sure many of you could have done this quicker and easier than I did. But I have to outline how my own lack of doing research cost me three days of work.

For those who don't know. Exchange is Microsoft Exchange Server or their mail server product. If you work in a corporate environment or even small business, most-likely they're running Exchange server.

We have an old server that is dying. It is still running but it has a bad fan in a power supply and it will go pretty soon. So, time is of the essence. Our journey to install a new server has been fraught with peril.

The day I learned we needed a new server I got permission from the higher-ups to purchase it. I couldn't do it immediately because my account rep was not back from medical leave. On the day he was back to work, we had a level 2 snow emergency in Columbus and I was at home. So, I ordered the next day. The server, surprisingly was on the Museum Dock the next morning. That was fast!

However, I didn't have an Operating System yet; Microsoft hadn't approved the order. That afternoon I had two frantic phone calls from my account rep saying that Microsoft would no longer give us Charity pricing! They would, however, give us Academic pricing so I had to fax over our 501(c)(3) paperwork and things would be on their way. Well, Finance was preparing for the audit so they couldn't give me the paperwork and it was a Friday. So, Monday they said they would try but it wasn't until Tuesday when I got the paperwork. I immediately faxed it off and that afternoon I had the server software. This is getting long and I haven't even gotten to the installation!

The Museum owns Exchange 2003. We want to upgrade to Exchange 2007 but we can't just yet. Exchange 2007 requires a 64-bit installation of the server operating system. So, we decided to go cutting edge and install Microsoft Windows Server 2008 64-bit. I got it all installed and went to install Exchange but server 2008 was missing a component required to install. I googled to find that Exchange 2003 won't install on Server 2008.

So, I reformatted and re-installed Windows Server 2003 64-bit. I got it all installed with all it's patches and went to install Exchange and it says it won't run! Checking the settings it says that Exchange 2003 will not run on a 64-bit Operating System! So, I had to reformat and reinstall a THIRD TIME to Windows 2003 32-bit. Two days of work just trying to install.

We had to make a decision about whether or not we attempt to upgrade to Exchange 2007 or wait. If we wait then we would have to format and re-install the operating system on the server in order to get Exchange 2007 installed on there since it will only run on a 64-bit OS. By the time we do that, we'll probably just have to purchase another new server. Spending $6,500 more next year to save $2,240 this year. But if you don't have the 2240 to spend this year, you can't do much about it.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Betrayal? I think not

I'm reading this article at EWTN entitled Obama's Abortion Reversal a "Betrayal," Says Catholic University President and I had to laugh. Really? Obama's Abortion "reversal" is a "betrayal?" First of all, Obama didn't reverse anything! He was the most liberal pro-abortion candidate ever to run for the Presidency! He has the furthest left stance you can get when it comes to abortion.

Why would Catholics ever think that he wanted to reduce the "number of abortions"? Oh, he said it once that he was personally opposed and incorrectly accused Bush of having not reduced them himself. But who can believe what he says when his record speaks for itself? He has supported 100% of all abortion promoting bills that have ever come before him. He said himself he would sign FOCA the first chance he got. Why would Catholics ever think he would be any different in the white house.

So now, The president of Catholic University is complaining that when Obama signed the executive order to allow overseas abortions its a reversal and a betrayal. Let's be clear here, this was no reversal and as for betrayal. I don't even see it like that either. He's always been pro-death and has made no bones about it. Anyone who believed otherwise has no common sense.

Catholics who voted for Obama got what they wanted. A pro-death president that has reversed himself on many other things already in office (Washington Insiders, Lobbyists , and more) but he has not reversed himself on abortion. You wanted him and we all got him.