Saturday, February 28, 2009

Live Fast, Die Hard - The Movie

My wife was invited to go to the Columbus premiere of a indie movie called "Live Fast Die Young" a dude she went to High School with was staring in the film and he was flying out to promote it.

So, last night we went. With a title like "Live Fast, Die Young" I was thinking it was going to be some rated R movie that has a lot of adult situations in it. I wasn't much looking forward to seeing. Boy was I wrong!

At the start before the credits rolled, the director and two of the actors, including Holly's old friend, got up and started to talk about the film. They were praising God and said that without Him this wouldn't have been possible. I was pleasantly surprised, but then I started thinking, Oh no, a Christian film with bad acting in it. (Have you guessed I'm a bit of a pessimist?)

Well, I was proven right for a portion of the film, but overall, I found the acting to be pretty good and the production value to be not so bad either. The message was good, an actor turned Christian was being ostracized by his fellow actors/directors, etc. They are all at a party and someone dies and they are all forced to speak with one another and hash out issues of life and death. It is a pretty good film for a non-catholic religious angle.

They're trying to get the movie in 22 cities. It's playing in Columbus at the Drexel on Main, otherwise, check out the site and find out how to get it in your area.

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