Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Betrayal? I think not

I'm reading this article at EWTN entitled Obama's Abortion Reversal a "Betrayal," Says Catholic University President and I had to laugh. Really? Obama's Abortion "reversal" is a "betrayal?" First of all, Obama didn't reverse anything! He was the most liberal pro-abortion candidate ever to run for the Presidency! He has the furthest left stance you can get when it comes to abortion.

Why would Catholics ever think that he wanted to reduce the "number of abortions"? Oh, he said it once that he was personally opposed and incorrectly accused Bush of having not reduced them himself. But who can believe what he says when his record speaks for itself? He has supported 100% of all abortion promoting bills that have ever come before him. He said himself he would sign FOCA the first chance he got. Why would Catholics ever think he would be any different in the white house.

So now, The president of Catholic University is complaining that when Obama signed the executive order to allow overseas abortions its a reversal and a betrayal. Let's be clear here, this was no reversal and as for betrayal. I don't even see it like that either. He's always been pro-death and has made no bones about it. Anyone who believed otherwise has no common sense.

Catholics who voted for Obama got what they wanted. A pro-death president that has reversed himself on many other things already in office (Washington Insiders, Lobbyists , and more) but he has not reversed himself on abortion. You wanted him and we all got him.

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