Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Peanut Butter Scare

So, I've seen the reports and they say get rid of all your peanut butter. Well, our peanut butter jar we've been eating out of for weeks so I didn't bother throwing that away. Nobody's been getting sick here so I am not too worried.

Today I got a letter from Sam's Club. Their records indicated that I had purchased some peanut butter zone bars and that if there are any left I should return them for a full refund; they're being recalled.

Then I started thinking... I've been having these nasty gassy nights lately where I'm just bloated and feeling like garbage. Normally by the next morning I'm okay but once it lasted into the afternoon the next day. Well, after a while of not eating them, I've taken up eating my zone bars! I'm starting to put two and two together! Ack!

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