Saturday, January 17, 2009

Had a Good Time

On Thursday two weeks ago I was notified that I wouldn't be able to keep both of my IT staff members; the budget just couldn't sustain two people this year. This was a major blow to me and the staffer I had to let go because she was really great. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her and she was really a saving grace there in the department.

Now it's been a week later and bunch of us took her out for a night out. It wasn't necessarily a night for us to commiserate but more of a celebration of who Charla is and an optimistic look at her getting a new job.

So, we went down to Tip Top on Gay Street and we all sat, ate and drank. We had a great time talking about everything from fat cats on leashes to Jesus Christ saving the world. I sprinkled in there my tragic Guinness story and some others.

I had this blackened tilapia that was delicious but the rice that came with it was so spicy I think I lost some taste buds. I love spice and heat but man, that was overwhelming. It was good for the first 10 or so bites, after that I stopped eating it.

Before I left I needed to use the bathroom, of course, three beers will do that to you. I headed to the doors, entered the bathroom; the same one I entered earlier in the night. After coming out everyone was cheering and laughing at me! Not only at my table but others. I was wondering why. I couldn't understand it... then they told me to go back and look on the door...

Sure enough... I went into the women's bathroom.... twice. It never dawned on me that since there were no urinals in there I was in the wrong place. I also considered how there was someone using the stall next to me. whew. With that, I went home. I think I left on a high note.

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Unknown said...

Sorry I missed that portion of the night! Though I must say it was nice of your "friends" to publicly humiliate you into a new shade of red for your face! - T