Friday, January 02, 2009

A Computer in the Kids Room

I don't known about this. I got a computer from one of the priests at my parish and was going to give it to my Sons' school but I felt it wasn't powerful enough for them to use. It simply was too old. I did procure them another one though.

So, we had this computer, I was going to give it back to my priest to give to someone else but he said to keep it. So, here we are with a computer that perhaps the kids could use. Yeah? Well, my wife comes up with the idea that perhaps we could set it up in their room for them to do school work on and seriously restrict the Internet on it and such. I agreed. I thought it would be fine.

Today is the first day it's been completely operational in their room. I have restricted the Internet to and so far. This evening they spent more time in their room than they ever do. Could it be the veggietales movie they were watching? Yeah, that was part of it. And the fun they were having on

I dunno man. A computer in the room. This is big. I hope I don't regret it!

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