Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Trying to Transfer Domains

This has started to become a complaint-fest on here. Hopefully this isn't the theme of my blog! I just gotta get this off my chest.

I'm trying to cancel my domains from internet. I am moving them over to This was part of my move to change hosting which failed. On the 26th was when I signed up with GoDaddy and started the hosting. As part of the sign up I transferred all my domains over. After canceling the hosting I decided simply to keep the domain transfer going.

I noticed by the evening of the 26th I didn't have a notification from 1and1 that they had accepted the transfer, so I did some digging. I had to actually go to a page and cancel my contracts with them. So, I went through that process and they asked me for about 12 of my domains, to sign a paper and fax it in. Well, seeing as though I don't have a fax, I had to do that on Saturday the 27th.

On Monday I was way too busy to notice the transfers didn't happen but on Tuesday I called and they said they would "escalate it to the transfers department" which then I was disconnected. I thought perhaps that was intentional... that they would escalate it and I would have to wait.

So, this morning I received a bill in the mail from 1and1 for two of my domains. It was the registration renewal for the domains! I just paid them $18! Why was i doing that?! I called them up to ask about my transfer and got several people telling me nonsense. Finally after they simply told me it was in the hands of the department and would be handled, I went to the billing department to get my $18 dollars back.

Well, they went through the whole process with me again and told me that the domains would be released TOMORROW (New Years Day) even though I had completed all necessary steps. I'm told it takes 5 business days. Really? In this age of computers it takes 5 business days?!

Oh, and as for my refund. They're really sorry but I should have canceled my domain before the renewal so there will be no refund. AAAARRRRRGGGGG!


Anonymous said...

ah man you just missed a good deal at - they had a full year of unlimited hosting for only 9.97. (mind you I pay $10/month for the same deal).

Unknown said...

But do they have full list capabilities? That is a must.