Saturday, December 27, 2008

Waiting at work

Wow, three posts in two days. I don't know if I can keep this pace up for very long.

We have a rotating schedule every two weeks with our offsite storage warehouse (who must remain nameless). It's been this way for over a year. They called twice to confirm that we would be here on the day after Thanksgiving and the day after Christmas for the switching of the backup hard drives.

I spent most of my day here dealing with Godaddy. Then at 4:45pm I go upstairs to get the drives to plug them into the backup server and what do I see? The case I put up there was taken by the company but they never delivered with it the next set of drives.

So, I contacted them and the man said, "What do you want me to do about it?" I said, go get my case I need it today!  I described it as the black square case and gave the name.  I told him I wouldn't be there since I have to work Mater Dei Bingo but I would be in at 11pm to plug the drives in.  Well, I got here at 11:20pm to find out they brought the wrong case! We have only two cases, the guy brought in the BLUE case that they took away this afternoon!

So, now I'm sitting here at midnight waiting for a call back from the after-hours technician to determine if they even have the black case and when it can be delivered. My wife is at home with a sick child wondering when I'm going to be home and she has to work at 9am.

The man on the phone is eager to help me because he'll get paid triple overtime for doing the work. I, however, won't be paid for sitting here so I just want to go home.

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