Friday, December 26, 2008

Can't host with GoDaddy

I host with an excellent hosting company. I love them to death. However, I simply was looking for less expensive hosting. Now I know that price just isn't everything.  Well, I always knew that but it hit home today.

I talked to a great GoDaddy rep. She was really helpful. I asked questions about having multiple domains and then I signed up for hosting. I then found out the horrible truth about the things I didn't ask about. EMAIL.

I have several websites and on those websites I have a few that have list-serv's. These are like Google groups or Yahoo! Groups where people can subscribe or you can have a newsletter, whatever. Well, I have lists like that with my own domains.  I also have one or two that simply have an e-mail address that forwards to like 50 others.

So, I quickly found out they had no list-serv support. But then when I wanted to setup an forwarder it said I had to pay $2.95 for the option. Well, Okay, i'll do that. I paid the money and it says that if you want to forward to more than one address, add a comma between each one with a 129 character limit! What is up with that?! You can't forward to more than 6 addresses much less 50!  To add insult to injury, if you create a full-fledged e-mail account and set the option to CC an e-mail address when the e-mail comes in, that is a 256 character limit! You can forward to more people with a full address than one designed to forward!

Well, GoDaddy. You may be the cheapest out there. but you're not the best. I guess I have to continue paying what I am for great service.  But then again, why do people have personal websites anymore? I really should write a blog post on that topic.

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