Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Work Woes

I'm supposed to be vacationing but instead I have been working!

Sunday @ 12:33am our primary Active Directory Server died. The hard drives simply got corrupted. It's a good thing we had a secondary AD server so we could continue to function.

On Sunday, my excellent 2nd in command spent all day working on the server trying to get it functioning while I was at The Works with my wife and a few of my kids. It was my wife's birthday on Sunday, she turned 35. I didn't have to field too many phone calls from work that day but I did get some status updates.

So, on Monday I worked even though I was taking a vacation day. I spent the day getting the new server online and also helping install three new networked copiers. That was interesting. They will be a great addition to the Museum.

I wasn't completely done with the server but I went home nonetheless and worked from home. Turns out, when I was changing the IP address of the server to what I wanted it to be (static IP) I accidentally assigned it the same IP as the other AD server! So... with both servers inaccessible from home, I had to drive into work at 9pm last night and fix it.

While I was there I simply stayed and finished up the things I wanted/needed to do with the system to get our network fully functioning again. I got home about midnight.

I'm hoping I don't have to work anymore this week.

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