Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sealy Customer Support is Awesome!

Six years ago I purchased two pillows. While I was in a JCPenny they had a pillow sale. Sealy Pillows, buy one get one for a $1. The pillows were these Encompass Pillows. They were expensive but they have a 10-year warranty. Who the heck uses a pillow for 10 years? I figured I had two choices, buy a $5.00 pillow every year or spend $31 on two and keep them for 10. Why not?

Well, 6 years from now the pillow is pretty flat and I'm kind waking up with a neck ache. So, I decided to get my receipt out and contact Sealy Customer Support. I e-mailed them. A day later they asked me to send the pillows and they'd give me new ones. I asked if I could have them send me pillows first. They agreed.

I got the new pillows and, honestly, they were defective! The inner core that helps keep it shape was all shoved to one side making the pillow quite uncomfortable. So... I wrote them again. The woman, Beth, was very helpful! She said I could keep those defective ones and she would send me another set of pillows that didn't have an inner core but should still be good for me. In addition. I can continue to keep the old pillows if I wanted. (My children aren't picky and they would welcome the old pillows.)

The response time and the helpfulness of their support was just great. I just love them and will continue to buy Sealy pillows for the rest of my life. Thanks Sealy!

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