Sunday, January 04, 2009

A scare at Mass today...

My two-year-old, Nicholas, today was running on the pew and when my 9-year-old grabbed him to stop him, he fell and banged his head full-on. I happened to be out of the pew at the time so I wasn't there to prevent it completely.

He was noticeably sluggish. I took him to the back and tried to see if his eyes were okay (looking for a concussion). He was very lethargic. I went back into the pew and I couldn't keep him awake. I saw my wife's OB/GYN so I grabbed him to look at my son. The doctor said he appeared okay but after I brought him back to the pew, he fell asleep completely; I couldn't keep him awake.

Well, I called my pediatrician and he said that after he wakes up just keep an eye on him and see how he's doing. After we got home, Nick was better and appears to be a normal two-year-old now! Thank the Lord!

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