Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Getting Fit - Plus

We got a Wii Fit Plus for Christmas from my Father. Well, he sent us money and we then purchased it.

So far since the 24th I have gained 2.5lbs! I'm only 5'7" but at 198 I'm considered Obese. So... I'm motivated. I have been working out on the fit almost every day and I have been walking and trying to exercise every other day. I'm still gaining weight, however, since it's Christmas and I'm eating too much!

I got myself a crappy pedometer which counts between 1 and 3 steps for every one I take. It's now sitting on the shelf.

I have never made a new year's resolution but here it is. I have to lose 20lbs. 30 would be better but 20 is what I gotta do. First I have to give up coke. oh man, that's going to be SUPER HARD! I'll do that when I'm done with the 12-pack that I have. Don't want to waste right?

Years ago I purchased ineedexercise.com which is now still owned by me but I have it on a domain selling site because I couldn't think of anything to do with it. If anyone has any ideas I'll revenue share with you. :-)

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