Monday, May 14, 2012

A Simple Repair

It was going to be a simple repair. All I had to do was put door of our tall cabinet back on its hinges.  See, we have a desk that is in a "U" shape that has a rounded end. Then next is the tall game cabinet. Next to that is our Lateral file.

Well, after laying down our new flooring, we had to put in the trim around the baseboard that caused everything to be in about 3/4 of an inch. So, the three items mentioned above were all put in nice and snug. What I didn't account for was the doors when they swing open extend beyond the edge of the cabinet. So, one day I opened the cabinet and the hinges came right off!

The solution, from what I could see, was to cut off a portion of the desk. So, I got my Japanese style saw and started sawing away, it is a beauty of a thing but it still took some time. I got about four inches in when I decided this was a job for my Circular saw.  Before I could do that, however, I removed some cloth that we had stapled to the under side to hide the stuff under the desk.  I pulled the cloth out but didn't remove the staples.

As I started with the saw I got sparks! I was hitting the staples. So, I stopped, cleared them out and started again. As I continued it got harder and harder to cut through the desk and the saw overloaded the circuit and popped it; shutting down the computer, printer, and everything else on the desk.

So now I'm on my way down to the basement to see which fuse I blew and didn't see any of them tripped. I thought it was strange but I flipped several just to see if it would bring back power. None of them worked. I finally flipped every one for the house and none of them worked!

I decided it must be the power strip I was in so I unplugged the one from the way, plugged it in elsewhere and my suspicion was confirmed. I had a power strip in a power strip so I had to get my orange extension cord out and plug my other power strip into that and things came online.

I put the saw away and started again with my Japanese style saw.  Every four inches I stopped and sucked up the saw dust with my trusty vacuum. I finally made it all the way through to the other side. I re-positioned the cabinet and found that I still needed another inch off the desk!

So, back to sawing I went. 15 minutes later, I sized everything up and I was in good shape. I saw down in front of the tall cabinet and re-attached the door.

Simple, right?!

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