Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Learning Disabilities

Not sure what the answer is for this but I'll tell you my experience...

We live in one school district--Southwestern City Schools (SWCS)--and our children go to another school district--Whitehall. However, they go to a private school there. So, they're not specifically in Whitehall School district.

Through talking to the teachers at school and some others who are helping us at Children's Hospital, they are telling us that our two oldest boys need testing for learning disabilities. One even said they desperately need it.

We knew this all year and so we've been trying to get this done. Our first step was to go to SWCS and ask them to test the boys. We asked them first when they were at a Charter school in SWCS district. Well, they delayed and didn't do anything. We moved them to the new school and now they say, "We're sorry, they don't go to school in this district so we don't have to help you."

So, we went to the Whitehall district. Initially, they said our children go to a private school it's not their problem. When we pushed they found out from the teachers that the children can at least read and mostly spell so they don't need testing. And now they're stone-walling us.

We decided to look into other options. There is a school in the area that will do testing, it's $750 PER CHILD! We don't have $1,500 to test our children for learning disabilities! I could go further into credit card debt to do it but I think that would be a bad idea for our family in the end with all that entails.

We're currently looking to see if we can find a parent advocate. I'm not entirely sure what they can do for us other than force Whitehall to help us. I'm concerned, though, that their testing will be incomplete. Either way, pray for us. Our children are in need of help with their education and nobody in a position to help us is willing to do anything. I thought everything was supposed to be about the children!

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